Our Entertainers

Neil "Thunder" White

Thunder was born in Atlanta, GA into an accomplished musical family. His love of music began at a very early age listening to radio broadcasts and hearing his father, mother and grandmother sing and play. Thunder’s family moved quite a bit in his early years and through that time, he attended some 23 different schools. During this time, he was unable to begin and develop close friendships so Thunder simply immersed himself into music from all genres. During the final months of his senior year in high school, he met the love of his life and they were married shortly after she graduated. After graduating high school, Thunder joined the United States Air Force and was stationed in Misawa, Japan as his love of all types of music continued to grow. Thunder was honorably discharged from the US Air Force where he started his company as an Entertainer/DJ, Thunder Productions. Through the many years to follow, Thunder has performed for thousands of people in private functions all over the East Coast. His brand of Entertainment was so refreshingly different than the usual DJs, his notoriety began to grow nationwide. Thunder had been performing as an Entertainer, DJ, and Wedding Vocalist for more than 15 years when Toby Keith was making his mark on the Country Music charts. And when fans of Thunder saw him, they said the resemblance between them was incredible. Thunder was already a country vocalist so he took on the role as a Toby Keith Tribute Artist. Thunder has performed on stage as Toby Keith at many fairs, festivals, and private events over the last 7 years. He has also performed in salute to the Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces in many cities. Now, with over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry, Thunder is considered a well seasoned veteran in his field. Thunder has accreditations as an Audio Engineer, Lighting Systems Engineer, Theatrical Pyrotechnician and Special Effects Engineer, Entertainer, DJ, MC, Musician, Vocalist, and now Toby Keith Tribute Artist. Thunder has worked with national tours coordinating staging special effects and pyrotechnics for Toby Keith, Godsmack, Kiss, Kid Rock, Breaking Benjamin, Megadeth, Shania Twain, 98 Degrees, Grease On Ice, and countless local bands and regional theatrical performances.

Brett "RaidAr" White

Being the physical and spiritual succesor to the family business, RaidAr was born in Charleston, WV into the entertainment business his father, Thunder, had already started. He got into the music business when he found his love for music and all different types of genres, and started playing around with them and creating unique and special mixes. He has made many friends in music from high school and college, and has been making unique style music ever since he started college. As time has passed, he developed more of a taste for the Electronic Dance Music spectrum of genres, though his knowledge of other genres from various time periods are existential to say the least. Current a college student, he is making himself into a spiritual prodigy of his father, and has tread on ground that his father has not done before in the world of electronic music. Ever since he was 9, he has been DJing with his dad for 10 years (and counting!). He has been working also as an assistant pyrotechnic with his father for national tours coordinating statging special effects and pyrotechnics for Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman, and Cavo. Now, he is currently a taking a part of the Insomniac Discovery Project, to launch him to perform EDM music at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Company

Thunder Entertainment, LLC

Over 20 years of entertaining the Eastern United States!

Why is Thunder Entertainment So Popular? Perhaps this comparison will explain why Thunder keeps on growing every year while so many competing companies have gone out of business. Whether you are planning a birthday party, anniversary, or even a corporate event, a good DJ is a valuable part of any occasion. Thunder Entertainment never takes the “cookie cutter” approach to your event as we have several sound systems and highly trained DJ’s that we customize to your particular needs. From the small and economical, to the large club style shows, Thunder Entertainment has a system to meet all of your requirements.


  1. 1. Thunder’s DJs and Entertainers are highly experienced. Because we’ve earned the reputation as the best private party disc jockey service in the area, most mobile deejays working for the smaller, less demanding companies would give their eye-teeth to work for us, and make more money. Occasionally, after they learn their craft and get the kinks out of their style, we do hire them or people with prior radio experience.

  2. 2. Thunder Entertainment truly are our employees. Thunder Entertainment has an employer/employee relationship with our deejays. We provide the disc jockey employees the top-of-the-line equipment they use. We provide the special music you ask for, and in general make sure our disc jockeys perform to our high standards. As employees they work exclusively for us.

  3. 3. Thunder Entertainment delivers what we promise. When you contract for Thunder to play a certain song, handle a particular announcement a certain way, or bring certain equipment, you can rest assured that is exactly what will happen. To protect you, we put this in writing on your contract.

  4. 4. Thunder Entertainment displays no advertising. We don’t use your party to promote our business. Because we do a good job, you’ll probably tell your guests who we are. We don’t want to spoil the beauty of the location by hanging tacky signs.

  5. 5. Thunder Entertainment gives you music flexibility. With our ever-expanding library of over 750,000 songs on CDs and digital files, we can mix the music to the taste of any crowd. You are more than welcome to make requests. We take responsibility for providing music to our deejays.

  6. 6. Thunder Entertainment uses high-quality professional equipment. Top of the line models from name brands such as JBL, Crown, Shure, Allen & Heath, Technics, and Pioneer cost us more, but the difference in fidelity is worth it. Music is played on laptops and CD players for crystal clear sound.

  7. 7. Thunder Entertainment dresses for the occasion. Because we understand how important good taste is for a formal function such as a wedding, we do not charge extra for tuxedos. If you prefer, for more casual functions, our deejays can dress neatly in a suit or however you like.

  8. 8. Thunder Entertainment backup is like DJ insurance. We have an impressive track record of being at the right place at the right time. Even though our deejays are extremely responsible, being human, sooner or later one of them could get sick or in an accident. We prepare ahead of time for those very rare emergencies by always having disc jockeys unscheduled and available so they can quickly get to your destination.